Three Favorite YouTube Casino Related Videos
Mega Moolah slot graphics are standard for a slot machine, but this casino video is one that is included due to the fact that the jackpot always seem to be growing in size. This YouTube online casino video shows what a 15 free spins looks like when a player on Mega Moolah catches this amazing and extraordinary free spin feature. This amounts to a potential bonanza for the player who catches this large free play feature. Other slots have a free spin feature, but few have this large a number of free spins on one capture. Finding a slot game that you enjoy is only part of the search. Find one that has a possible big payoff and that you like is the best of both worlds. This Mega Moolah online casino video shows one of the really outstanding features of this very popular online progressive slot game.
Learn to play craps by watching this YouTube online casino video. There is no better way to learn to play craps than by watching and listening to an instructor. This casino video is a simple instruction, but at least it does show some of the common wagers that a player could make on a craps table. Many players would play craps at the online casino if they understood the game a little better. This video allows a new player to learn enough to make bets and take advantage of this low house edge game that is offered on many online casino sites. Many online casino gamblers would really enjoy playing craps if they understood the game better and this is way to over come the reluctance to play craps. Craps is one of the four best games in a casino to play as it can be played in a manner that reduces the house edge to a very low percentage. This online casino video can be a start to the education of a new craps player. The reason that you see high rollers at the craps table is this game offers little edge to the house and when a table gets hot the money will flow.
Visit this online casino video to learn how to play Texas Holdem from a beginner’s perspective. Holdem is without a doubt the most popular of all of the poker games that is offered online and in the live casino world. This casino video while simple in approach does cover the basics of Holdem. It takes a lifetime of learning to master this game, but a new player has to start somewhere. Books along with this online casino video are a good place to start an education. Learn the basics from this casino video and then when you watch the TV tournaments you will be able to better understand what is going on. New players have a real edge these days as they can learn the game far more quickly that the older players did. Hands played give the experience and online play has sure allowed the younger players to become proficient beyond their years.