The Playboy Casino Review

Playboy has been in the adult entertainment industry for a long, long time. Early in the Playboy history they had a gaming room in England. They entered the online casino game in April of 2007. Playboy has started and under the lead website name of This new online casino is becoming very popular for players who can play on the sites. USA players cannot play on the site. Aside from offering the typical online games, and a poker site, the Playboy casino offers some very lovely images of beautiful ladies. Some of the rewards for playing on the site are very different than those offered by any other online casino sites on the web. The site gives out "bunny money" and the chance to be Hefner's guest at the Playboy Mansion.

Another unusual feature of playing on the Playboy online site is the streaming video available of Playmates while you play the game. Some players will love it and some will find it a distraction. Serious gamers will probably look one time and then forget the videos.

Casino games available for serious players
Playboy online offers slots, poker machines, blackjack, roulette, Pai Gow, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud and a Texas Holdem table game played against the dealer. This version has a bonus bet that pays a bonus for certain dealt hands.

The roulette game can be played in either the American or European version. The payoffs are similar to what you see in most live casinos. The other games offered are also run about the same as you see in live casino games.

Poker room games for serious poker players
The poker games that are offered for live play are Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha HiLow, Seven Card Stud and Holdem Blackjack. Tournament poker games are offered as freeroll games and entry fee games. These poker games are subject like the other real money games to where you reside.

There are rewards for playing at A player can earn "bunny points" which can be used to buy a party at the Playboy mansion to buying a Playboy magazine subscription. Over time they will be adding new rewards to this program.

MPP (My Poker Points) are earned by playing raked hands of poker and from poker tournaments. These points can be used to buy into poker tournaments that are MPP tournaments. This is a solid reward for being a consistent player at the

Deposits and withdrawals
Deposits can be made via several somewhat standard vehicles for handling money on the Internet. Credit cards are an obvious way to make the deposits. Others like Neteller are also available. Many of them will require you to open an account with them and prove who you are to prevent fraud.

Withdrawals can be accomplished by using the same vehicle you used to make the deposit. Some of the methods are very quick and some will take a small number of business days to complete. One way you can be assured of quickly getting your money in and out is by using wire transfers. If you plan to play often, it would be wise to leave money in the poker account as the transfer fees will add up and the delays associated with wire transfers can be longer than some player would want to take.

Neteller is very fast and is probably just as safe as wire transfers. The fee may be smaller, but here still can be a few days before money is confirmed and credited. People who play on a tight money supply will find that the fees can make the method of deposit and withdrawal one that should be studied as to the best for their situation.

Support and player reports
The Playboy online casino support is available 24/7 via e-mail and phone. This newer online casino is enjoying a very wide acceptance by players of online gaming. Some rating services rate it as the hottest new online casino due to the excellent graphics, games offered and the gorgeous ladies that are featured throughout the site. This online casino is elegant in design and pleasant to play on. The reviews are uniformly very positive about this gaming operation.

An online casino site that takes support seriously is one that will have happy customers and few negative reviews written by their customers on review sites. As of now this online casino is in that happy situation of customer popularity and growing traffic. Traffic is critical to the poker side of this casino as that is one of ways that a poker site is judged. Low traffic means few game choices and few betting level choices. So far this online site seems to be growing in player count.

Special promotions offered
There are many promotions associated with the Playboy online casino. There are bad beat poker games, high payoff slots and special poker tournaments. This is a relatively new site and they will constantly be offering new promotions for their players. As time passes they will surely offer more casino table games and even more slot games. They do request ideas from their patrons and will probably use some of the better ideas that they get from their customers. A new online casino takes a little time to settle in and develop a following. This site has been growing since they opened online and the popularity will help it continue to grow.

The UK and Canadian connection
All of the reviews seem to perceive that many of the players are UK or Canadian players. This is good in one respect as it does cover a larger playing period out of 24 hours. As the site gains from other countries the playing time will lengthen and the player traffic will grow. If some of the legal moves in the US come to pass and the US players become active again this is an online casino that could explode. The push to get more Asian players will also help this situation.

Playboy casino slots are interesting
The slots have great graphics and have the capability of changing your bet level without changing machines. You can also play multi-line games and also big jackpot games. For those players that enjoy video poker, the Playboy online casino offers these poker machines. The slots that allow changes of betting levels is great for pushing rushes and cutting back when the luck slows down for a period of time. Being able to change the risk per spin is one way to manage your money in a smart manner.

If you like to see beautiful ladies, the slots do have some terrific playmate images on them. It does account for some of the popularity of the playboy online casino.

Online slots are a very easy program to add to a website as the algorithm that runs the machine is the same for each machine, but the graphics can be easily changed. Once the inner workings of the new slot machine are developed, it can be copied over and over. By changing the images, the player feels like they are playing a new game.

Multi-line slots are a way for the player to bet more money per spin and increase the chances of winning. The house on the other hand gets more money per spin to play its house edge against. This definitely gives both parties a play for more money and therefore more profit per session.

The Playboy online casino is different in many ways from any other online casinos on the net. The graphics are great, the slots are different, the poker games are well designed and the new Holdem Blackjack has some real possibilities for becoming very popular with the playing public. The table games are easy to play and the slots are set at a very high return to the player. The addition of the playmates makes the site attractive to younger men and admirers of fine looking ladies. The reward systems seem fair as a reward back to the players and are not hard to earn. The MPP rewards are a nice way to let players earn a free entry into poker tournaments. This gives skilled players a chance to make some decent money without risking any more money for the chance.

The Playboy online casino has made great progress in the short time it has been open on the Net. The people who are running the site are making solid decisions that will continue to bring more players to the website. As their traffic increases, the poker side will become even better as the games will be fuller and offer more choices. A player who stays with this site will be rewarded in the long run with better poker games, more table game choices and a continuing bevy of images of gorgeous ladies. The more the traffic grows, the more the poker tournaments will be better attended. As long as the site tries to improve over time, the players will stay and play. The base is being built now and the future for this online casino is very bright.

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