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Poker has become a more popular game around the world than it ever was before. TV coverage and poker online on the Internet have allowed the public to watch good players play and they have been attracted to it for the skill and the money.

Finding a place to play was made more difficult when the law was changed in the states about how a player could deposit and withdraw money from an Internet site. There has been a shakeout of this problem and there are many poker sites that will accept players from all over the world and from 39 states in the US.

The list of poker sites is not as big as the list of casinos, but there is a large group of sites that a player can register on and play the grand old game of poker.

An easy way to get a list of sites to check out is to use the Internet search engines and enter the requirements you want the site to meet. The results will astound you and make you realize there are choices for the poker player.

When a player is looking at a site to see if they want to play on the site, there are some obvious areas to checkout. How many players are on the site when you are likely to be playing. Do they offer the games and the limits that you want to play in or are comfortable to play. If tournaments are your game, do they have many and are the fees something you can live with. Freerolls are another area that is getting to be more popular with the playing public. Freerolls are tournaments that have no fees or some modest playing time requirement or a rake requirement that you have met by playing in ring games.

Bonuses should be considered when looking at sites. There are sites that want players so bad that they will give you a free play stake with their money and you do not have to make a deposit to get the money. Others will offer you a substantial matching bonus to your deposit, which can then be used to play in the games that are offered. Most of the sites will also offer a place to play for free that is for practice and lets a player learn to play better. You can play without risking any money, but you will not win any either.

Cash players have a real learning curve when they move from cash games to tournaments so a player would be wise to start out in the lower fee tournaments and learn how to protect your stack. The trouble in a tournament is once you lose your buyin, you are out of the tournament unless it is one of these rebuy tournaments. Unlike a cash game you cannot buy more chips in most tournaments.

Do a search on the type of poker games you like to play and the sites that offer the games and you will save time finding the poker casinos that will offer what you want. Not all online poker sites offer the same games or at limits you wish to play for. Your personal preferences are going to be the deciding factor if you like a poker site or not.

Most of the poker sites offer a wide range of Texas Holden games and a lesser number offer Omaha HiLow. Very few offer 5 card stud any more. Seven card stud seems to be holding a playing audience on many sites. Games like Low Ball and Razz seem to be off the menu at most online poker rooms.

If you use a search engine like Google, you can find the best online poker sites that have No Deposit play or free play using a bonus they give to get you to open an account. It also easy to find the sites that offer the best matching bonuses compared to what you deposit. The competition for poker players is intense and these promotions are getting better for the players all of the time.

Another factor on all of these sites is customer support and withdrawal rules that the site makes you meet to get your money. Both of these areas are worth checking out before you open an account with a sizeable deposit.

Customer support should include Live Chat, email or phone to resolve questions or other more serious matters. Make sure you know the withdrawal rules as these can be irritating and time consuming. The casinos take the position they are preventing fraud and protecting you from a nefarious transaction using your credit card or bank. The question I have is why is none of this important when you are making a deposit. Seems to me that is the more likely area of fraud.

Any way ask and do not assume you know the answer. If you have won a $1000 dollars and you would like to get it back in your hands, that is not the time to find out you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get your money. Almost everyone that has gambled online has had this happen to them.

Poker rooms that are part of a larger online casino operation are common and do offer the ability to take a flyer on a jackpot slot or a few hands of Blackjack. Just set some reasonable limits on your play so you do not ruin your poker stake. Poker is the game of choice for many people and most think of it as a game of skill and not a game of chance like Craps. Many state legislatures have come to the same conclusion when making poker rooms legal. Let us hope that the group of professional poker players that are meeting with the congress are successful in removing poker from the Internet gaming rules. This change would be good for players all over the world, as it would increase the player count on all poker sites. Good luck to all and may your pocket aces hold up.

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