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Lasseters is a respected name in gaming circles and has a long history in Australia. In 1999 they opened the online version of their casino with slots, table games, keno, ice games and card games. The online casino is regulated by the Australian government and is considered one of the really safe online casinos to play at. The software is player friendly and easy to move around on. The gaming selections are on the home page and all you need to play is point and click once you have opened an account. Most of the table games have a wide range of limits so both the high roller and the family better are well taken care of.

According to the reviews, this site is terrific in customer support and the speed of paying out withdrawals. All in all a favorite site for many online players that find their playing needs covered by Lasseters.

Deposit and withdrawals
The reviews all state that the deposit and withdrawals with this site are very fast. The deposits methods look like all of the standard ways to make a deposit to an online casino as long as you are not a US resident. Credit cards, Neteller, Citadel and others are common ways to make a deposit. Same for withdrawals from the website. As stated before US players cannot play on this site.

There are three pages of slots on the Lasseters website. The minimum bet is one cent and the maximum bet is $625 depending on the slot you are playing. The maximum payoff is $100000 depending again on the slot played and could be more if the jackpot has lasted for a while.

The slots have exquisite graphics, interesting themes and there are traditional slots and multiline slots. The slot family has a machine for every player.

Video Poker
The video poker played at Lasseters is the Jacks or better version. A minimum bet of 25 cents and a maximum bet of $30 are allowed on these slots. The maximum payout is $24030 on these video poker machines.

Table games
The table games at Lasseters online casino include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, card games and dice games. The layouts are easy to play and pleasant to the eye. The betting limits are set for each game and the payouts are controlled by the rules of each game. The minimum bet and maximum bet depends on the game selected among those that are offered.

Blackjack tables offer two betting versions of the game. Both games are multihanded games and the minimum and maximum bet is controlled by the game you pick. The high rollers game has a minimum bet of 25 per box and a maximum of 3000 per box. The maximum payout is 7500 per box.

The regular blackjack game has a minimum bet of one per box and a maximum of 300 per box. The maximum payout is 750 per box. The standard rules of Blackjack control the way the game is played and solid strategy is needed as usual to leave a winner.

The European version is used for roulette at Lasseters, which means there is only a single zero. They have the tables set up for high rollers and regular players. This controls the minimum and maximum bets that are accepted. The range is from one cent to 500. The payouts are standard for roulette.

The French game of baccarat is offered for both regular players and high rollers. The bet minimum and maximum are controlled by the choice of game. The range is from one to 2000. The maximum payout would be a tie hand at 8 to 1.

Card games
Caribbean Stud Poker and 3 Card Poker are both offered for regular players and high rollers. As with the other games, there are different minimums and maximums depending on the game and whether it was the high roller version.

Dice games
SicBo and Paradice are both offered as an interesting and entertaining dice game for the Lasseters players. The minimum bets and maximum bet depends on the game chosen to bet on. The maximum payout is 18000 In Paradice and 36200 in SicBo. Both of these games are unusual in online casinos and are featured by the Lasseters casinos.

Lasseters offers three versions of keno that have different maximum payouts depending on the game selected and the amount bet. One of them has 80 possible numbers, another has 100 possible numbers and the other has 40 numbers possible

The maximum payoff is 50000 on all three. The minimum bet is 25 cents to a 500 maximum bet. These bets depend on the game chosen.

Customer Support
Customer support is 24/7 and is excellent as reported in customer reviews. The contact method is e-mail and live chat. High rollers can qualify for a special phone contact method. Both of the important considerations of where to play are given excellent ratings for Lasseters casinos. Banking and customer support are top notch and a significant government regulates the games.

This online casino operation is a class deal from all viewpoints. The games offered are popular and the other factors are equally well managed. As a player you have several choices to make which are only dependent on your preferences. The choices offered are most of the games that the online players seem to like to play. The fact that they offer high roller as well as regular games is an indicator of the many players that make up the traffic for Lasseters.

The takeout is a low percentage on their slots according to a web comparison site. The other games like baccarat and blackjack depend a little on money management and skill. Knowing when to push and when to lay back is something that the player can control.

The two unusual dice games of SicBo and Paradice offer a variation for gamblers that want to try something different. As previously stated this is a first class site that has its act together about taking care of its customers.

Lasseters Online Casino

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