Jackpotjoy Review


Jackpotjoy is a UK online casino that offers instant play and wins. Bingo is one of their biggest draws due to the large prizes and numerous games. The table casino games offered are single deck blackjack and roulette. Jackpotjoy also has multiline slots as well as classic slots. Their instant win scratch card games are unique to their site. These instant winner games make the site very popular.

One of the attractions of this online gaming site is the constant flow of new games they are featuring on the website. This includes both slots and instant winner games.

Jackpotjoy offers eight named bingo games and special prize tournaments. Their prize money and prizes are extraordinarily large and amount to millions of dollars given out each month from the combination of offers. The bingo games also offer not only the prize for the games, but also the chance of winning the progressive jackpots and super progressive jackpots. This online casino has become popular with Internet players because they offer both real money games and free games with prize points. This brings in the traffic and some of the free play participants become real money players, which helps to grow the prize money. The prizes offered other than money are a remarkable group of high value rewards. European tours, ride the Orient Express, TVs, DVD players and many other valuable prizes are won frequently on the Jackpotjoy website for online gambling. It is no wonder that this site has grown in popularity since it open with all of these free play prizes.

Slots multiline
17 different multiline slots make up the slot games available to players on the Jackpotjoy website. They add new games all the time to keep up the players’ interest. Real money slots and free play slots are available to players on the website. The real money players are trying to win larger money jackpots and the play money are trying to gain prize points that can be used to get prizes listed on the prize list. These multiline slots have names like Strike It Lucky, Tiki Island or Deal or No Deal Slots. The slots have very good jackpots and payout at a very high percentage compared to live casino slots. The combination of attractions, free play, real money play and prizes on this website attract the traffic which helps to increase the size of the jackpots.

Slots classic
Traditional slots are single line and these are present in large numbers on Jackpotjoy There are 12 traditional slot names on Jackpotjoy. The names range from High 5, Winning Streak, Bullion Bonanza to Tycoon Progressive. Again there are both free and real money games for the player to consider. The slots offered on Jackpotjoy have great graphics and come with single game per spin and multiline game per spin. There are also progressive jackpots. The free slots are an incentive for players to visit the website and gain prize points by playing the free slots and other games. Since the prizes that these points can be used to purchase are of significant value, this is a terrific reason for players to come to the site and play for free for a while. The real money jackpots are substantial and account for a very large payout each month from this website. The more the traffic increases; the bigger the jackpots can be and this provides a greater incentive to play on this online site.

Instant winners
Jackpotjoy offers many ways for a player to be an instant winner when visiting this online casino. There are scratch cards, keno, slots and other games that they player can become an instant winner by playing. As with all of the other categories on this site, there are both free plays and real money plays. This adds another feature to the site that gains players' attention and in the long run has proved to be a good player incentive and a reason for players to visit the website for online gaming. It also makes Jackpotjoy a unique website among the many that now populate the web. Great real value prizes that can be earned by just visiting has increased the player count substantially and over time increases the number of real money players. Jackpots have grown by considerable amounts since the website first appeared on the web.

Most online casinos are content to offer slots and table games. Jackpotjoy has carried out a plan to really turn on the first time visitor to their website. All of the substantial payouts would be a good incentive for most websites, but this one with its free plays, point program and great prizes and real money jackpots is the cat's pajamas. Players come to visit and end up being hooked by the offers they give their players. As of this time this is a truly unique gaming site.


Table games
Single deck Blackjack and Roulette are the two traditional casino table games that are open for play on Jackpotjoy. Both games are standard for most casinos, although single deck Blackjack is getting harder to find in the casino world.

As with other games or slots offered for play on Jackpotjoy, the players can play for free or for real money. The free play is a good way to practice and on this site win prize points that can be use to get very good prizes. This twist for rewarding players that play for real and for free is making this site very well attended.

Free games for prizes
Prize points earned by playing in free games can be used to enter drawings and buy other prizes. This is a fabulous traffic builder and creates an interest to begin to play for real money. Higher traffic leads to better jackpots, which helps to grow the number of people playing on the website. This factor becomes a self-generating business grower of the website. By making customers experience a positive one, the site has grown by leaps and bounds since it first went online.

Customer support
Support is handled by e-mail and phone. The reviews written by customers are very favorable about customer help. The support is a 24/7 operation with very good response times. The deposit and withdrawal methods seem to be pretty standard and easily completed as long as the site has the correct personal information. If there is a problem the support people at Jackpotjoy seem to be willing to help to clear up the matter as quickly as possible.

The player reviews were uniformly high in this area as well as the fun of playing on the site. The very high ratings for this site can be seen in its growth and then is validated by players who take the time to fill out a review of the online casino.

Online casinos are usually rated very quickly if there is a problem that is not resolved to the player's satisfaction. Several review sites were uniformly positive about Jackpotjoy. The number ratings were all at the high end of the rating range.

Player chat
For those players that want to talk with other players, the site does offer a chat mode with most games. For some this is a plus and for some, the player would not even use it. The point is it is there and is available to the player who wants to meet up with other players. Discussing the play and getting help from another player is sometimes better than what the site people offer. Another player may have experienced exactly what the other player is having the problem with. Those that like it and use it can use the chat mode for many purposes. This is another unique feature of this online casino that is not found on most of the other online sites.

Jackpotjoy is a very different online casino and is operated in a distinct manner Online casino are commonplace on the web. Coming out with a really unique idea is getting more and more difficult for a new online casino. Jackpotjoy has done exactly that and done it in a really unusual and successful way. The options they give a player account for much of their success and when they have a fully developed casino site they will be even more of a force on the web. They can add even more table games to the website and draw in even more players with all of the options they give their visitors.

All in all Jackpotjoy is an online casino that will continue to be popular and keep the players who visit enthralled with what they offer to the player. Their prize drawings alone are very different and the amount of money they give away each month is staggering. As long as they stay aggressive and inventive, their customer base will continue to grow with happy players. That cannot be said about many online casinos. Support of the customer is the biggest gripe that players have about online casinos. Jackpotjoy seems to have this well under control as well as having a very playable site.