High Roller Slots and a Scene to Remember

High roller slots come in two categories. One is the mega bucks slots that are played by high rollers as the payout money is huge and the unit of bet can be changed for any spin. The other slot that can be played by high rollers is a multiline slot that the player can change the unit of bet and the number of units per line. The attraction to the high roller is the amount of money that can be won versus the amount bet in order to win the payout.

The following web sites that belong to online casinos not only have high payouts but very high percentage payouts versus the amount bet. High rollers are usually savvy gamblers and will not play any game where they feel the casino has an unfavorable edge. They will play the large payout slots, as the payoffs are large when compared to the amount bet to win.

Playboy Gaming - has some very large jackpot payoffs and also has one of the best payout percentages of any online casino. They also have many online slots that are multiline that allows the player to pick the unit of bet and the number of units per line.

Jackpotjoy - gives a substantial number of jackpots out each month and also has a high rating on its percentage of play returned to the players. This makes their slots attractive to both regular players and high rollers since the players can control the amount bet per spin.

Jackpot Joy

Ausvegas - is an Australian online casino that is part of the Lasseters group of online casinos and live casinos. They have reasonable number of slot games with larger payoffs and multiline play. Again the take per machine is low compared to the payout percentage per slot.

AusVegas Casino

Lasseters - is the main Lasseters online casino and has a bigger selection of table games as well as slots. The payout percentage is high and they do have some very high progressive slots. Game choices and the number of slots make for a high traffic online casino.

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Intercasino - is a full-scale slot and poker online casino with almost every game that can be offered online. This is one of the higher traffic European online casinos.

32 Vegas- is a site with some very large jackpots payable from slots. Their slots have a fairly high return on money played. This is always attractive to players who study which sites have the best percentage payoff of money bet.

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Prestige Casino - is an online casino with healthy jackpots and many poker games or poker tournament. They also have a high percentage rating on the return of slot bets versus payoffs.

High rollers in casinos play three games most of the time. The play craps, Blackjack and baccarat for one simple reason. The house edge is low in all three games. Slots at online casinos have much better payouts than live casinos so the big money players may give them a little more play than they normally do in live casinos. Mega buck payoffs also attract big players as they can afford to take the shot to win big payouts. The ability to take risk and also afford to do it is a very basic advantage in all forms of gambling. The following story is an example.

One winter night in Lake Tahoe, I witnessed a scene right out of a movie. In the formal baccarat room, the scene was played out with hardly any conversation. I looked up from my stack of chips and watched a heavy-set older man in a tailored suit take a seat at the table.

He had two tough looking men with him. He nodded to the pit boss, snapped his fingers and one of his bodyguards pulled out a roll of $100 bills. He counted out two thousand dollars and placed his bet on the player bet. The hand came for the bank. He repeated his bet and lost again. He did this three more times, lost each time and was out of the roll of bills.

He snapped his fingers and the bodyguard gave him a white envelope with what turned out to be exactly $2000. He repeated the losing bet. He lost again and continued to lose until he had gone through several more white envelopes. At this point he stood up, nodded to the pit boss and left with his two shadows. The lack of spoken words and the amount of the loss was unusual to say the least. I often wondered what this fellow did for a living. His attitude and the toughs with him made this scene one to remember.

Any player who has ever visited a casino has seen a dice table that gets hot and the players crowding around it are in a state ecstatic euphoria. Each roll brings about a loud cheer or a low no. These kind of situations seem to always have one high roller involved that is cleaning up as the dice stay away from the ugly seven and come up with long rolls of all of the other numbers. The high roller presses bets and parlay others. This kind of a player brings shudders to a pit boss. They know how to play and which bets to make at anytime during the roll.

A high roller by definition is a player who is willing to put larger amounts of money at risk. Most high rollers can afford the risk and they are frequent guest of the casinos. The comps they receive are small compared to the amount they can lose in one session. On the other hand if they get lucky they can put a big hurt of the casino playing baccarat or craps. The large online payouts are attracting some of these same players to take a shot online. They are just not as visible to the average player like they are in a live casino. Players who can take the risk are going to do it when they feel they will get the odds for their play.

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