High Roller Online Casinos

High roller online casinos are the obvious outgrowth of the online casino industry. This area of gambling online has grown along way from the days when a $100 dollar wager was considered a big bet. There are casinos that will allow larger deposits and a $1000 wager is not out of line for the casino in question.

The definition of a high roller is a player who can risk a substantial amount of money and come back for more without missing the money they lost the day before. Players with this designation usually have to prove their credentials and after they do this they are treated with great respect and care. A player who can drop 100 thousand dollars in a session are not found every day and players who meet this standard are now getting the respect online that they get in a live casino.

Two casinos come to mind that will treat a player of this caliber with TLC. These online casinos are the Playboy Casino and Jackpotjoy Casino. Each offers a playing environment that is unique and a different theme. These two casinos are two of the best high roller online casinos out there.

The online Playboy Casino offers a theme of the beautiful Playboy Playmates and a game environment of classy eloquence. This casino is a full service gaming palace with slots, table games and poker. Each section offers limits that will meet with the requirements of each player’s bankroll. Playboy Casino is definitely a high rollers place to come, stay and play. Once you are cleared for the level of play you want, you will be treated very well and with any luck make a few dollars. The table games they offer are some of the lowest odds games for the house on the Internet.

Playboy’s poker room is a very good room to play in as it has all of the popular games and tournaments for players with any size bankroll. The player count is high so the games stay full and are well attended which is needed for a good room. The limits of play and the game selection are all of a size and limit that any player will be happy with and comfortable to play.

Jackpotjoy Casino offers a huge selection of slot games that any slot player will find a game to play. Bingo players are offered many games to play. Mobile play on wireless devices is also available for those that want to play on the move.

JackpotJoy’s claim to fame is the slot selection and the number of large jackpot games they offer to the slot players. The fact is slot play is the most popular game played in any casino whether it is live, online or mobile. Jackpotjoy knows this and caters to these slot players with a multitude of games and prize levels.


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