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George Hunt is one of the main content writers here at Jackpotavenue. George has been playing in live casinos for over 30 years. His online experience started when it became available. His knowledge of table games, poker and gaming in general has been acquired the hard way by doing it and by reading some of the best books on the subject. Real time playing experience gives his articles authenticity. If you like gaming stories, he has more than can be told in several conversations. Some of his stories are very funny and some are true stories of really bad beats.

His writing skills were earned by writing magazine articles, a newspaper column and many articles for online casinos.

George states, "I want my articles to help the player with really solid advice that was paid for with real money. If some of the ideas are a little out of left field, don't laugh until you try it". All gamblers have some kind of quirk. George admits to a few of his own.

George Hunt

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