Online Casino F.A.Q.

What is an online casino guide?

An online casino guide such as Jackpot Avenue is here to provide in depth details of reputable casinos such as what games provide the highest jackpots, who owns the casinos, what bonuses they offer etc. Jackpot Avenue takes away the time and risk involved in searching for reputable casinos that support your gaming needs.

How do you compile your payout percentage chart?

An independent company to the online casino compiles payout percentages. Payout percentages determine what proportion of the bet is paid out in winnings. If an online casino has a pay out percentage of 97.3% the casino will keep 2.7% We make our chart up of the highest payout reputable online casinos.

Why should I use Jackpot Avenue over other casino portals?

Jackpot Avenue has great customer service and reputable casinos. We are constantly in casino forums updating our site regularly on the market conditions. There are many other reputable casino portals with great casino guides; two we recommend are and

What do I do if I have a problem with one of your casinos?

Contact us immediately at we will help you with whatever your online casino related problem.

Do you support US Players?

Unfortunately due to US restrictions we are unable to support US players. More details can be seen in our US legislation section.

Is it legal to online gamble in the UK?

Yes it is, lets hope it becomes this way world wide allowing us our own freedom to gamble.

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