Bugsys Club Poker review

Friendly is the best way to describe the Bugsys Club Poker online casino. The ambience reminds one of the neighborhood poker rooms. The software while not state of the art is more than adequate to run the six-offered poker games and tournaments. This site offers weekly specials and lower limit games for the online customers.

Poker games available at Bugsys Club online poker room are Holdem, Omaha, Omaha HiLow, Razz, 7-Card Stud and 7-Card Stud HiLow. The poker skill levels can be rated at medium to lower. There does seem to be a number of new players at the tables as this site is associated with the Poker School Online and PokerPages.com. One unique feature of this online poker room is the offered game of Razz. This is not offered on many of the poker sites.

The number of players at peak times is adequate to set up many tables for the poker players to choose between. However the traffic is considerably lower when compared to the huge traffic at some of the other popular poker sites. This can present a problem depending on when you normally would like to play.

Deposit and Withdrawal
Deposits can be accommodated by the standard e-wallets, Visa, Master Card and bank wire.

Withdrawals can be completed by all but the credit cards.

Languages and currencies
The site uses the English language
The current currency used is USD

First deposit up to $1000 at a 150% match. The bonuses are released in $10 increments as earned and not at the end. This certainly works to the advantage of the new customers.

Customer support
Customer support is enabled 24/7 via phone, e-mail and live chat.

Step into a poker room like one would expect to find in the neighborhood card room. This best captures the feel for this online poker club. The games that are setup are the most popular games that players seem to want to play. The bonus for a new customer is more than fair in amount and the way the site releases the money to the players account. The tournaments that are offered are softer than what you would find on many of the bigger online poker sites. These lower limit tournaments are designed with the clientele in mind with small entry fees and prizes in the $100 to $500 dollar ranges. Many new tournament players are using these tournaments to learn how to play in tournaments. This opens the door to players with more skill and experience to score in these events.

Another pleasant note is the number of low blind No Limit games offered. These games are great for learning No Limit poker at a reasonable entry fee.

All in all, Bugsys Club fills a niche area in the online poker world. Players need a place like this to learn how to play. These untested players are not thrown to the wolves that frequent some of the larger poker sites. Most players will find this room a comfortable place to play lower limit poker.

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