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Gaming Realms

RealNetworks Purchased for $18 Million

Gaming Realms, a United Kingdom based gambling firm were pleased to announce earlier on this week that they’ve purchased the Seattle based betting group “RealNetworks” for $18 Million. This being an incredible steal for Gaming Realms as it would’ve only cost them eleven to twelve million due to the conversion rate.

Gaming Realms

This deal will allow for Gaming Realms to finally enter into the United States of America as an official company as well as enter their gambling market. This deal required that Gaming Realms pays out $10 Million at first with two more parents of $4 Million with each passing year. This deal was able to be financed thanks to realms issuing out another fifty million shares for their company, valued at twenty five euro’s a piece. This deal just won’t have Gaming Realms enter the US but also Canada as well thanks to the fact that they’ll also be acquiring GameHouse US and Game Studios Canada. This deal will also have all of the gaming library that all three of these companies hold provided to Gaming Realms as well, allowing for them to provider is as an option within their own platform.

This is an incredible deal that has allowed for this UK betting firm to acquire three different companies, hundreds of casino games and the ability of entering two different markets. It’ll be interesting to see what Gaming Realms does with the acquisition of these companies & how they’ll progress in the United States of America and Canadian gambling markets.