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Is European football betting legal?

Getting answers to this question can be rather difficult when you consider there are many different countries in Europe. However, there is currently no law that oversee all these countries that concern betting. With this question it is better to look at the specific laws within each country to get a better answer.


Gambling law, as defined on Wikipedia, relates to the laws that govern gambling within specific countries, therefore it is important to factor this into the equation prior to betting.

U.K. – In the U.K. it is perfectly legal to place bets on football. They are home to some of the biggest football leagues in the word, which includes the Scottish and English premier leagues. No tax will apply to winnings obtained from betting on football, which means everything you win is yours, unless otherwise stated on the booking site used.

France – In France there is a great amount of excitement involved with the football betting as the PSG tends to go big on spending. Here are also no set laws against sports betting, which makes football betting legal in France. Members who place bets will also not be required to pay tax on winnings. Unless you are considered a professional bettor, in which case filing for tax will be required.

Italy – There used to be rather strict betting rules in the country, which have been lifted in recent years. These days there are no limitations and it has become completely legal to place bets. Here winnings are also not taxable whatsoever.

Germany – In Germany betting is illegal, even though the hugely popular Bundesliga is from Germany. However, there are some online betting options one can use to place bets, but this is not recommended as strict consequences will be followed if you are caught.

Sweden and Norway – Betting on football is completely legal in both these countries and winnings in Scandinavia will be non-taxable, however any winnings obtained outside of the EU sites will be taxable at a rate of 30%.

Spain – Laws in this country have recently been changed and will now allow sports betting, which means it’s completely legal to wager on football. A fee from 10% to 30% will however apply to winnings, which completely depends on the type of betting you are involved in.

Greece – There are no laws stating that you may not bet online in Greece, which makes it completely legal to place a bet on your favourite teams. There is however a 10% tax amount that applies to all the winnings obtained.

Denmark – In Denmark it is complete legal to place bets, but the tax on winnings are set at 45%, which means all the winnings gathered will be taxed. Be sure to consider this before placing any bets.

Betting in most European countries seems to be perfectly legal, except for Germany. Other countries seem to have a fair amount of tax attached, while others will not tax any winnings you obtain. There are many other leagues to consider around the work, which should be available at your betting site used. Be sure to explore these options, you might just find yourself a whole new type of sport to keep things interesting.

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