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$728,406 Gold Rally Progressive Won Again

Gold Rally still stands as one of the more popular video slots that Playtech has designed during their time as a software developer. The reason for this slots continuous popularity is because it offers an incredible progressive that is triggered on a regular basis. Today once again this progressive was won with one fortunate player winning $728,408 in the process. This isn’t the largest win to occur through this slot but it is none the less still impressive.


There isn’t any details regarding who triggered this progressive or which online casino gracefully hosted this win. This is the second largest win to occur in a period of thirty days, that alone shows you how much this slot is played and how often the progressive is won. When winning a mass amount of money such as this you can opt out of revealing your name & still make a statement, when that statement is released we’ll inform you of what this player plans on doing with their new earnings.

The largest progressive to be won through this slot is $6.3 Million, within the length that this slot has been available on the market it has provided a series of historical wins. The $6.3 Million being the most historical of them all. Those wishing to play Gold Rally and have an opportunity of being the next big winner can do so by registering an account at an online casino providing the Playtech platform. There are hundreds of video slots developed by Playtech, you’ll have a good range of slots to choose from when playing under this platform.