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Million Plus Gold Rally Progressive Won

Someone around the world has had their lives forever changed today as they were able to trigger a progressive jackpot worth more than one million dollars. This fortunate punter was able to trigger a progressive worth $1,186,103 which is an incredible amount of money to win. This punter was playing Playtech’s Gold Rally, one of the older and more beloved video slots from Playtech when they triggered this progressive.


Gold Rally is a 3 reel, 5 payline video slot that has been able to have a record amount of progressive jackpots triggered on it. The simplicity of this slot allows for punters to have a fun & enjoyable experience without having to pay attention to every detail. Throughout the years that this slot has been available it has been triggered thirty nine times, it is by far one of the more trigger friendly progressives in the online gambling market.

The Gold Mining theme of this slot has recorded some of the largest progressives known in history. Unfortunately this slot has had one unfortunate mishap in its years. It’s said that one punter playing this slot triggered the progressive and won more money than ever before seen with an online progressive. Unfortunately that progressive went missing as the transaction process had a hiccup on the players end. This resulted in one of the more famous cases in the online gambling market, “The case of the missing Gold Rally jackpot”. None the less every other time that this progressive has been won payment has gone through smoothly without any hiccups.