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Electronic Entertainment Expo

Sony Trademarks Entwined and Kill Strain

This June will bring a new exciting year for the gaming industry. The reason for this is because every year in June the Electronic Entertainment Expo┬áis held in California. This is the biggest gaming expo in the world and it’s where massive companies such as Sony and Microsoft reveal new games.

Electronic Entertainment Expo

Today Sony trademarked two new video games through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The first game to be trademarked was Entwined on April 14th and then one day after Kill Strain was trademarked as well. There isn’t any information regarding any of these games as of right now. It doesn’t come as a surprise that these games were trade marked as on April 12th Microsoft trademarked their new game “Eden Falls”.

Sony made a statement regarding the trade marking of these two games, they said: “Kill Strain and Entwined are two new games that we will be releasing in late 2015. We will not be giving out a description for either one of these titles as we want to surprise our fans in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. We look forward to hearing the reaction from our community of players as we know both of these games will wow every one of our fans and the critics.”

Sony is pumping these games as something to be incredible. Each exclusive released by Sony is an astonishing game so we have good faith that Kill Strain and Entwined will provide an exciting gaming experience.

Codemasters logo

Grid Developers Tease New Racing Game

Codemasters, the developer behind the increasingly popular Grid video game series teased a new trailer for a “to be released” racing title that they have in developers. This teaser trailer was announced through the Grid Twitter account. During the video it reads “Brace Yourselves for Racing is Coming”. We suspect that Codemasters will be unveiling Grid 3 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo later on this year in June.

Codemasters logo

There was speculation that this new game would be for mobile devices but Codemasters quickly took back to their Grid Twitter Account and stated that this new racing game will not be available for mobile devices but only for consoles. This means that it most likely will be Grid 3 but Codemasters has also developed the F1 and Dirt video game series. Regardless of which racing game will be released from Codemasters fans can expect an exciting and realistic experience.

Codemasters has said that they will reveal more information regarding which game this will be and if it’ll be a part of any of their previous franchises on April 22nd. Make sure to tune back to our website in order to receive all the details regarding this future racing simulator to be released by Codemasters.

The sequel to the original Grid racing game, Grid 2 was released back in May 2013. This falls in line with the previous two release dates for the Grid racing franchise, making us believe that this new racing game will be Grid 3.