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NetEnt Goes Live in New Jersey

NetEnt, one of the largest gambling software developers in the globe has revealed that their games have finally gone live within the jurisdiction of New Jersey. This is pleasing as after the last year of constant persistence & efforts to enter the market NetEnt has finally been able to do so. Their games are being provided through the Borgata Casino Hotel, an online casino that’s oddly named. Bwin.Party runs this casino & looks forward to seeing this platform make its way to the casino.

Net Entertainment Logo

There are only a few games currently being offered with dozens more to be released with every passing week. The games currently available include Flowers, Fruit Shop, Gonzo’s Quest & Jack and the Beanstalk. All of these games can be played on both mobile and desktop platforms to whomever lives in the boundaries of the state of New Jersey. Each of the new games released in upcoming weeks will be available in both mobile & desktop platforms as well.

The Managing Director of NetEnt America’s commented on this revilement stating, “I’m thrilled and pleased to see that NetEnt is finally available to the citizens of New Jersey. Our selection of games for both desktop and mobile platforms will surely mark a milestone for this state. We’re dedicated to releasing each of our games in the upcoming weeks. This announcement also comes as a milestone achievement for NetEnt as well, we’ve been driven to re-enter the USA Gambling Market. Thanks to the state of New Jersey this is now possible.”

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Pyramid: Quest for Immortality Showcased by Net Ent

NetEnt, formally known as Net Entertainment has showcased their upcoming video slot for release. This new slot is called “Pyramid: Quest for Immortality” and will take place within the ancient Egyptian world. Pyramids, secret mythical creatures and more shall as will big wins.

Pyramid Quest for Immortality

This new slot is developed as a 5 reel, 720 way to win casino game. The Egyptian theme is present with every spin made in this game. There’ll be various pharaohs and creatures that’ll be shown off to those who play this slot, making them feel as if they’ve just entered another realm. This realm also holds win multipliers, wild symbols, collapsing reels, re-spawning wilds and a bonus round. Visually in the background two of the Giza Pyramids lie in the background, on the reels all the various creatures and pharaohs will make an appearance, greeting you with big wins in the process.

This slot is slated to be released on October 5th, 2015. It’ll be available at all online or mobile casinos which have licensed out the Net Entertainment platform. Those whom wish to gain more information on this new slot only have to go to the Net Ent YouTube Channel, a video of this casino game has been posted for fans to enjoy. There is no word as of right now if this slot will be providing a large jackpot win or a progressive jackpot win. In order to find out punters will just have to experience this video slot for everything that it has to offer.

Gaming Realms

RealNetworks Purchased for $18 Million

Gaming Realms, a United Kingdom based gambling firm were pleased to announce earlier on this week that they’ve purchased the Seattle based betting group “RealNetworks” for $18 Million. This being an incredible steal for Gaming Realms as it would’ve only cost them eleven to twelve million due to the conversion rate.

Gaming Realms

This deal will allow for Gaming Realms to finally enter into the United States of America as an official company as well as enter their gambling market. This deal required that Gaming Realms pays out $10 Million at first with two more parents of $4 Million with each passing year. This deal was able to be financed thanks to realms issuing out another fifty million shares for their company, valued at twenty five euro’s a piece. This deal just won’t have Gaming Realms enter the US but also Canada as well thanks to the fact that they’ll also be acquiring GameHouse US and Game Studios Canada. This deal will also have all of the gaming library that all three of these companies hold provided to Gaming Realms as well, allowing for them to provider is as an option within their own platform.

This is an incredible deal that has allowed for this UK betting firm to acquire three different companies, hundreds of casino games and the ability of entering two different markets. It’ll be interesting to see what Gaming Realms does with the acquisition of these companies & how they’ll progress in the United States of America and Canadian gambling markets.

The Pig Wizard

The Pig Wizard Progressive Won at Sky Vegas

One fortunate punter has been able to trigger a life altering progressive while playing at Sky Vegas earlier on this week. This punter was playing Blueprint Gaming’s “The Pig Wizard” when he triggered the progressive jackpot, winning £575,144 in the process. This is one of the larger progressives to be won through this video slot as well.

The Pig Wizard

Unfortunately Sky Vegas hasn’t revealed many of the details regarding as to how or who triggered this progressive jackpot. This most likely due to the fact that the winning player wishes not to reveal their identity. This is common when someone triggers or wins a large amounts of money through online gambling or the lottery.The Pig Wizard though is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot developed by Blueprint Gaming. Based around magic players will be able to activate wilds, free spins, scatters, multipliers and bonus games when playing this slot as well. The jackpot available in the game is a progressive, this means that is it constantly expanding. The largest jackpot to ever be won through this video slot is £623,317, the identity of that player has still yet to be revealed.

This video slot is only available at a very select few online casinos. The two main casinos being Betfair and Sky Vegas, those wishing to try out this game will have to sign up a player account with one of those casinos in order to do so. The opportunity of winning a progressive jackpot such as this one makes that registration worth the while.

Queen of the Pyramids Jackpot Won at Betfair

One gambler has been able to win a life altering amount of money while playing the Playtech developed video slot “Queen of the Pyramids”. This luck gambler was able to trigger a $223,404 progressive jackpot while playing this slot, one of the largest to be won throughout the entire year. Unfortunately the largest win triggered this year was $321,556.

This lucky player was enjoying this slot at Betfair when they saw five of the pharaoh symbols appear across the five reels. It is at this moment when the progressive jackpot is instantly won. The winning player stated, “At that moment I was in complete shock, I looked up and saw how much the progressive was and nearly lost my mind. I’m not sure what the future holds for me now but whatever it is I doubt it’ll be boring.”

Queen of the Pyramids

Those wishing to try their luck at this video slot will be met with a 5 reel, 9 payline video slot based around the Ancient Egyptian time period. While spinning the reels the Eye of Ra, Pyramids, Fish, Scorpions and much more make an appearance. Some of those icons will portray wilds and scatters to enhance a player’s opportunity to trigger large wins.

It’s required that an account be registered with an online casino that supports the Playtech platform before this video slot can be enjoyed, a valid payment method will be required upon registration. This is the ninety first time that this progressive jackpot has been triggered since the slot was released back in December, 2006. Who’ll be the next big winner?

1x2 Gaming

Dark Thirst Released By 1×2 Gaming

1x2 Gaming

Online gambling software provider 1×2 Gaming, a developer known throughout the market has announced the arrival of their latest video slot “Dark Thirst”. Based around the original vampire culture a horror like theme is apparent.

Dark Thirst has been developed as a 5 reel, 25 payline video slot with an apparent vampire theme. When playing this slot the world’s most famous vampire “Dracula” is shown on the reels as an icon. There are also other noticeable icons like a crucifix, a coffin, a wooden stake and garlic. When looking through the paytable 1×2 Gaming has added a big win fire feature, a bonus round, scatters and wilds as game features.

As of right now it’s expected that this new slot will be distributed through three different platform. Those platforms include Bit8, EveryMatrix or the NYX OGS Platform. This in return will allow for this slot to make its way to well-known online casinos all across the globe.

The Chief Marketing Officer for 1×2 Gaming Kevin Reid made a short statement relating to this slots release, he stated. “We at 1×2 Gaming feel that Dark Thirst is going to be our one identifiable slot for the foreseeable feature and we feel as if it’ll become an instant classic for players all around the world. We only hope for the best with this slot.”

Those wishing to have their try at Dark Thirst will have to have an account or register one with a casino running under one of the three platforms listed up above.


Is European football betting legal?

Getting answers to this question can be rather difficult when you consider there are many different countries in Europe. However, there is currently no law that oversee all these countries that concern betting. With this question it is better to look at the specific laws within each country to get a better answer.


Gambling law, as defined on Wikipedia, relates to the laws that govern gambling within specific countries, therefore it is important to factor this into the equation prior to betting.

U.K. – In the U.K. it is perfectly legal to place bets on football. They are home to some of the biggest football leagues in the word, which includes the Scottish and English premier leagues. No tax will apply to winnings obtained from betting on football, which means everything you win is yours, unless otherwise stated on the booking site used.

France – In France there is a great amount of excitement involved with the football betting as the PSG tends to go big on spending. Here are also no set laws against sports betting, which makes football betting legal in France. Members who place bets will also not be required to pay tax on winnings. Unless you are considered a professional bettor, in which case filing for tax will be required.

Italy – There used to be rather strict betting rules in the country, which have been lifted in recent years. These days there are no limitations and it has become completely legal to place bets. Here winnings are also not taxable whatsoever.

Germany – In Germany betting is illegal, even though the hugely popular Bundesliga is from Germany. However, there are some online betting options one can use to place bets, but this is not recommended as strict consequences will be followed if you are caught.

Sweden and Norway – Betting on football is completely legal in both these countries and winnings in Scandinavia will be non-taxable, however any winnings obtained outside of the EU sites will be taxable at a rate of 30%.

Spain – Laws in this country have recently been changed and will now allow sports betting, which means it’s completely legal to wager on football. A fee from 10% to 30% will however apply to winnings, which completely depends on the type of betting you are involved in.

Greece – There are no laws stating that you may not bet online in Greece, which makes it completely legal to place a bet on your favourite teams. There is however a 10% tax amount that applies to all the winnings obtained.

Denmark – In Denmark it is complete legal to place bets, but the tax on winnings are set at 45%, which means all the winnings gathered will be taxed. Be sure to consider this before placing any bets.

Betting in most European countries seems to be perfectly legal, except for Germany. Other countries seem to have a fair amount of tax attached, while others will not tax any winnings you obtain. There are many other leagues to consider around the work, which should be available at your betting site used. Be sure to explore these options, you might just find yourself a whole new type of sport to keep things interesting.

A reputable choice, if looking for a multi-gaming site to place bets is PokieCasino. This is a site dedicated to online gaming and includes casinos offering multiple variations of gaming. One particular article of interest one will find as a good read is one relating to Jackpot Pokies. Take the time to visit this site as it is filled with excellent information pertaining to many types of betting online.


$728,406 Gold Rally Progressive Won Again

Gold Rally still stands as one of the more popular video slots that Playtech has designed during their time as a software developer. The reason for this slots continuous popularity is because it offers an incredible progressive that is triggered on a regular basis. Today once again this progressive was won with one fortunate player winning $728,408 in the process. This isn’t the largest win to occur through this slot but it is none the less still impressive.


There isn’t any details regarding who triggered this progressive or which online casino gracefully hosted this win. This is the second largest win to occur in a period of thirty days, that alone shows you how much this slot is played and how often the progressive is won. When winning a mass amount of money such as this you can opt out of revealing your name & still make a statement, when that statement is released we’ll inform you of what this player plans on doing with their new earnings.

The largest progressive to be won through this slot is $6.3 Million, within the length that this slot has been available on the market it has provided a series of historical wins. The $6.3 Million being the most historical of them all. Those wishing to play Gold Rally and have an opportunity of being the next big winner can do so by registering an account at an online casino providing the Playtech platform. There are hundreds of video slots developed by Playtech, you’ll have a good range of slots to choose from when playing under this platform.


Million Plus Gold Rally Progressive Won

Someone around the world has had their lives forever changed today as they were able to trigger a progressive jackpot worth more than one million dollars. This fortunate punter was able to trigger a progressive worth $1,186,103 which is an incredible amount of money to win. This punter was playing Playtech’s Gold Rally, one of the older and more beloved video slots from Playtech when they triggered this progressive.


Gold Rally is a 3 reel, 5 payline video slot that has been able to have a record amount of progressive jackpots triggered on it. The simplicity of this slot allows for punters to have a fun & enjoyable experience without having to pay attention to every detail. Throughout the years that this slot has been available it has been triggered thirty nine times, it is by far one of the more trigger friendly progressives in the online gambling market.

The Gold Mining theme of this slot has recorded some of the largest progressives known in history. Unfortunately this slot has had one unfortunate mishap in its years. It’s said that one punter playing this slot triggered the progressive and won more money than ever before seen with an online progressive. Unfortunately that progressive went missing as the transaction process had a hiccup on the players end. This resulted in one of the more famous cases in the online gambling market, “The case of the missing Gold Rally jackpot”. None the less every other time that this progressive has been won payment has gone through smoothly without any hiccups.

Miami Club Casino

Newbie Punter Triggers $125k Jackpot

Luck was on one fortunate punters side while they were playing at Miami Club Casino. Charlie M had never gambled online before but had only chosen to gamble at his local land based casino. This punter registered an account with Miami Club Casino and on his first day gambling online he triggered a massive a total of $125,000 from a variety of different slots.

Miami Club Casino

Charlie first was playing Black Magic where he triggered $20,000, he then switched it up and starting playing Jester’s Wild. He eventually activated the Spin Up Your Win feature and won another $60,000. Already at $80,000 Charlie didn’t know what to do so he increased his wager by five times its original amount and then triggered another $12,000. He then amped things up once again and was wagering $150 per spin, he eventually triggered the Wheel of Chance and won another $48,000. Charlie continued to gamble another $15,000 after which he withdrew his winnings.

This is an incredible win for a punter who only deposited $10 on a 100% match bonus. Using his $100 he was able to increase that amount to a total of $125,000. This has never before been seen at an online casino and major congratulations are in order for this punter. There has been no word as to what he plans to do with his winnings or if he will continue to gamble at Miami Club Casino. We will inform you if Charlie M releases any statements in the near future regarding his impressive wins.