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Playtech $244,944 Progressive Jackpot Won

Playtech isn’t your normal online software developer of casino games and have a large following that has been earned through more than twenty years of online experience. Today, a fortunate player playing Playtech’s “Everybody’s Jackpot” was able to win $244,944. Though this isn’t the largest progressive to be won through this slot it is still a hefty amount of money to be won, it could allow for the winning punter to pay off their mortgage or purchase a brand new car.

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The specifics on this jackpot win have yet to be publicised by Playtech or the specified casino where this jackpot was won. We do know that the jackpot was won win last Thursday around twelve o’clock in the afternoon. This jackpot win also is the second jackpot win in the last week and a half, this in return shows that Everybody’s Jackpot is still the popular slot everyone thinks it to be.

Everybody’s Jackpot works in an odd way. When you win the large progressive jackpot you only get to keep seventy percent of your win while the other thirty percent is dished out in a second progressive jackpot. This in return gives the other punters spinning the reels a chance to win the jackpot all over again. This proves to be a perfect system as it has allowed for triple the amount of punters to win progressive jackpots. All you must do is register an account with a casino that offers the Playtech platform and you could be the next Everybody’s Jackpot winner.

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Murder Mystery Released By BGO

BGO, an online casino operator revealed today that a new video slot has been added to their repertoire of casino games that they offer. This new video slot has been called Murder Mystery and is developed by BGO’s proprietary software. This new slot feels an awful lot like Cluedo, a video slot created by International Gaming Technologies, though Murder Mystery boasts a new theme, better visuals and larger payout ratios.

Murder Mystery has been designed as a 5 reel, 40 payline slot. This BGO developed slot comes with a mass amount of game features which includes a bonus round called Murder Spins, there are free spins, win multipliers and wilds. Players can also choose as to when they want to activate the bonus round, this can allow for tactical gameplay which can result in you winning a large amount of money when the money you’ve deposited has nearly depleted to zero.

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BGO also revealed that Murder Mystery will have a payout ratio of 96.5% which is a respectable number for any online slot in the market. The large payout ratios means you will have more of an opportunity to win money, you either nearly break even or win more then you expected.

Murder Mystery is currently available at BGO. You can only play this slot for real money as of right now, BGO hasn’t revealed if they plan to make this slot compatible with their free play games. Registering an account with BGO today will allow for you to experience Murder Mystery.

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Australia BetFred Mobile Sportsbetting Application Now Live

BetFred is a gambling operator well known for their online and retail gambling services. The company mainly operates within the borders of the United Kingdom but during the last five years has moved their gambling services to different markets. The latest market to receive the BetFred gambling experience is Australia, with the company releasing their mobile sportsbetting application to Australian Punters. Those punters will be able to bet on a variety of sports which includes Hockey, American Football, European Football and Golf.

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The Managing Director for BetFred Australia, Luke Brill made a statement relating to the BetFred Mobile Application being released in Australia. The statement read as follows, “We have been able to stand as one of the better gambling firms within the United Kingdom for a long period of time. Our competitors are always trying their best to release a gambling product that can outweigh anything we have to offer. Unfortunately are competitors continue to fail as we work around the clock creating new gambling experiences for our punters, upgrading our gambling platform and entering new gambling markets. This in return allows for us to grow as an operator.”

There are many of you who don’t realize that Betfred is truly one of the longest operators in the United Kingdom Online Gambling Market. During the course of their operations they’ve created innovative experiences and casino games that are beloved by punters all around the world. You can either experience card games, slots, table games, lottery games or their Sportsbetting platform.

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Buck & Butler Casino Is Now Live!

Every once and awhile a new online casino will open for the online gambling community. Each casino that opens their doors to online punters tries to create their own unique twist to bring punters into their casino. Unfortunately the majority of these operators fail at creating a unique experience and thus by those operators are eventually forced to close their doors. Buck & Butler, a new Nordic based online casino is currently live and brings a truly unique experience to the table.

This unique experience is due to Buck & Butler offering the EveryMatrix platform. EveryMatrix developers multiple casino games which range from slot machines to table games. Their casino games offer astonishing visuals that draw you into every game they have ever developed. Buck & Butler also offer the Net Entertainment platform for their mobile casino and poker games, this in return ensures players that regardless of which kind of casino game they choose to play they’ll be met with an impressive developer who has tons of experience within the online gambling market.

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Ebbe Groes is the CEO for EveryMatrix and today she made a statement regarding this casino going live saying, “Often we find ourselves being drawn into our own casino games. A large amount of our development team gambles online and often they’ll choose to play the games they’ve developed over any other casino game available in the market. The reason for this is because our gambling platform is truly innovative, we know that all new punters to Buck & Butler will be impressed by the casino games we’ve developed for them.”

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Rockstar Games Previews New Game In 2015

Rockstar Games, the developers behind the Grand Theft Auto Franchise and Red Dead Redemption Standalone announced today that they will be releasing a new game come the first quarter in 2015. This came to a shock to the video game industry as Rockstar Games normally doesn’t release a game every two years, it usually takes them four to five years to develop one of their open world adventure games. During 2014 Rockstar Games created Grand Theft Auto 5, it quickly became the fastest selling GTA in existence.

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The question that was asked by nearly every games is will Grand Theft Auto 5 be released on the Xbox One and Playstation 4? Rockstar Games said that they wouldn’t be releasing the title on the next generation consoles but recent rumors indicate that Rockstar Games won’t only release a next generation version of Grand Theft Auto 5 but it will also include added areas for players to explore. The game is said to be twice as large as it was when it was first released, essentially giving players an entire new Grand Theft Auto game to experience.

Rockstar Games made the announcement through their Twitter Account saying, “Today we would like to announce that we we’ll be releasing a new game for the Xbox One and Playstation 4. We will be revealing some information about the game at the E3 Gaming Conference, until then we know the rumors will float around as to what game it might be. All we can say is it is something familiar.”


$400 Xbox One Launching In June

Microsoft unveiled today that they will be releasing a new Xbox One that will cost only $400 in store, matching up to the $450 price tag that the Playstation 4 has in Canada and other countries throughout the world. This new Xbox One won’t have the Kinect, thus by making the device cheaper for Microsoft to sell to consumers.


This is sure to bring in a mass amount of revenue for Microsoft as the Xbox One will not match the Playstation 4 in nearly every country and will be cheaper than the Playstation 4 in others. Canadian Gamers have to game $450 for a Playstation 4 while American Gamers have to pay $400 for the same device, this is a result of a border patrol issue that occurred in British Columbia when the PS4 was first released. Essentially the market is now tied and it all depends on what console you prefer, what games they have to offer and how the consoles performs with its U.I.

Microsoft made this announcement as a surprise, making the announcement through their website and an email to anyone who is registered with the Xbox Email List. Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox said the following during the announcement: “We have heard the cries from our fans, you all want an Xbox One that doesn’t have the Kinect Attachment alongside it. This has resulted in us being able to sell the console for a cheaper price, $400 to be exact. We cannot wait to see how this benefits Xbox and Gamers everywhere.”

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Sony Trademarks Entwined and Kill Strain

This June will bring a new exciting year for the gaming industry. The reason for this is because every year in June the Electronic Entertainment Expo is held in California. This is the biggest gaming expo in the world and it’s where massive companies such as Sony and Microsoft reveal new games.

Electronic Entertainment Expo

Today Sony trademarked two new video games through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The first game to be trademarked was Entwined on April 14th and then one day after Kill Strain was trademarked as well. There isn’t any information regarding any of these games as of right now. It doesn’t come as a surprise that these games were trade marked as on April 12th Microsoft trademarked their new game “Eden Falls”.

Sony made a statement regarding the trade marking of these two games, they said: “Kill Strain and Entwined are two new games that we will be releasing in late 2015. We will not be giving out a description for either one of these titles as we want to surprise our fans in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. We look forward to hearing the reaction from our community of players as we know both of these games will wow every one of our fans and the critics.”

Sony is pumping these games as something to be incredible. Each exclusive released by Sony is an astonishing game so we have good faith that Kill Strain and Entwined will provide an exciting gaming experience.

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Grid Developers Tease New Racing Game

Codemasters, the developer behind the increasingly popular Grid video game series teased a new trailer for a “to be released” racing title that they have in developers. This teaser trailer was announced through the Grid Twitter account. During the video it reads “Brace Yourselves for Racing is Coming”. We suspect that Codemasters will be unveiling Grid 3 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo later on this year in June.

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There was speculation that this new game would be for mobile devices but Codemasters quickly took back to their Grid Twitter Account and stated that this new racing game will not be available for mobile devices but only for consoles. This means that it most likely will be Grid 3 but Codemasters has also developed the F1 and Dirt video game series. Regardless of which racing game will be released from Codemasters fans can expect an exciting and realistic experience.

Codemasters has said that they will reveal more information regarding which game this will be and if it’ll be a part of any of their previous franchises on April 22nd. Make sure to tune back to our website in order to receive all the details regarding this future racing simulator to be released by Codemasters.

The sequel to the original Grid racing game, Grid 2 was released back in May 2013. This falls in line with the previous two release dates for the Grid racing franchise, making us believe that this new racing game will be Grid 3.

Player Wins 24,000 GBP While Playing Free Spins

A punter from Stan James Casino won a large amount of money this week. This punter was able to win 24,000 GBP without having to make a single deposit into the casino.

This punter is a woman named Fiona and originally won 2,211.30 GBP. This allowed for her to clear the wagering requirement that is included the terms and conditions. Fiona then won 9,000 GBP on Piggy Riches and 6,500 GBP on Deal or Alive. This resulted in her balance becoming 24,000 GBP.
Fiona was able to trigger these large wins due to a special promotions that Stan James was offering. This promotion was the “3 Free Sunday Spree” which gave players a series of free spins that could be used all day long.

Pritash Parmar, the Head of Stan James casino commented on the win saying, “It just goes to show you that anything is possible with online gambling. We are thrilled that one of our players was able to experience a win such as this one without having to deposit any money. We try to make the experience we offer at our casino exciting and enjoyable for all, one of the ways we do this is through special promotions such as the 3 Free Sunday Spree.”

He continued by saying, “We will once again be providing a promotion to our players due to the upcoming release of Net Entertainment new mobile game “Big Bang Touch”. We congratulate Fiona and wish her the best in your future gambling endeavors.”

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Hall Of Gods Jackpot Triggered, Player Wins €180,553

An online gambler was able to have a good start to their week after they triggered a progressive jackpot worth €180,553. There aren’t a large amount of details for this win that have been made available to the public. We do know that this punter was playing the Net Entertainment developed video slot “Hall of Gods” when he or she triggered this jackpot.

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There are three different jackpots available at Hall of Gods. The first is named Mega, the second is Midi and the third is Mini. This punter triggered the mega jackpot, we can confirm that the jackpot this punter did win is lower than the normal amount won at this slot. You will find that the Mega jackpot can reach the heights of over $2,000,000. Regardless this is still a large progressive jackpot win for any player.

Net Entertainment has been able to remain as one of the core software developers within the online gambling market. Each passing month they become more popular through new releases and promotions offered by the casinos who license out their software. As of right now Net Entertainment stands as one of the three best developers in the industry.

Hall of Gods, one of the slot machines they have developed is one of their key slots. This 5 reel, 20 payline slot is designed around the Greek Gods. You come across various things from legend such as Odin or Thor. This slot also boasts a number of features such as wilds and bonus rounds.