$728,406 Gold Rally Progressive Won Again

Gold Rally still stands as one of the more popular video slots that Playtech has designed during their time as a software developer. The reason for this slots continuous popularity is because it offers an incredible progressive that is triggered on a regular basis. Today once again this progressive was won with one fortunate player winning $728,408 in the process. This isn’t the largest win to occur through this slot but it is none the less still impressive.


There isn’t any details regarding who triggered this progressive or which online casino gracefully hosted this win. This is the second largest win to occur in a period of thirty days, that alone shows you how much this slot is played and how often the progressive is won. When winning a mass amount of money such as this you can opt out of revealing your name & still make a statement, when that statement is released we’ll inform you of what this player plans on doing with their new earnings.

The largest progressive to be won through this slot is $6.3 Million, within the length that this slot has been available on the market it has provided a series of historical wins. The $6.3 Million being the most historical of them all. Those wishing to play Gold Rally and have an opportunity of being the next big winner can do so by registering an account at an online casino providing the Playtech platform. There are hundreds of video slots developed by Playtech, you’ll have a good range of slots to choose from when playing under this platform.


Million Plus Gold Rally Progressive Won

Someone around the world has had their lives forever changed today as they were able to trigger a progressive jackpot worth more than one million dollars. This fortunate punter was able to trigger a progressive worth $1,186,103 which is an incredible amount of money to win. This punter was playing Playtech’s Gold Rally, one of the older and more beloved video slots from Playtech when they triggered this progressive.


Gold Rally is a 3 reel, 5 payline video slot that has been able to have a record amount of progressive jackpots triggered on it. The simplicity of this slot allows for punters to have a fun & enjoyable experience without having to pay attention to every detail. Throughout the years that this slot has been available it has been triggered thirty nine times, it is by far one of the more trigger friendly progressives in the online gambling market.

The Gold Mining theme of this slot has recorded some of the largest progressives known in history. Unfortunately this slot has had one unfortunate mishap in its years. It’s said that one punter playing this slot triggered the progressive and won more money than ever before seen with an online progressive. Unfortunately that progressive went missing as the transaction process had a hiccup on the players end. This resulted in one of the more famous cases in the online gambling market, “The case of the missing Gold Rally jackpot”. None the less every other time that this progressive has been won payment has gone through smoothly without any hiccups.

Miami Club Casino

Newbie Punter Triggers $125k Jackpot

Luck was on one fortunate punters side while they were playing at Miami Club Casino. Charlie M had never gambled online before but had only chosen to gamble at his local land based casino. This punter registered an account with Miami Club Casino and on his first day gambling online he triggered a massive a total of $125,000 from a variety of different slots.

Miami Club Casino

Charlie first was playing Black Magic where he triggered $20,000, he then switched it up and starting playing Jester’s Wild. He eventually activated the Spin Up Your Win feature and won another $60,000. Already at $80,000 Charlie didn’t know what to do so he increased his wager by five times its original amount and then triggered another $12,000. He then amped things up once again and was wagering $150 per spin, he eventually triggered the Wheel of Chance and won another $48,000. Charlie continued to gamble another $15,000 after which he withdrew his winnings.

This is an incredible win for a punter who only deposited $10 on a 100% match bonus. Using his $100 he was able to increase that amount to a total of $125,000. This has never before been seen at an online casino and major congratulations are in order for this punter. There has been no word as to what he plans to do with his winnings or if he will continue to gamble at Miami Club Casino. We will inform you if Charlie M releases any statements in the near future regarding his impressive wins.

Revel Casino Sells For $110 Million

Recently there was a bankruptcy auction held for Atlantic City’s Revel Casino. Previously owned by Donald Trump it stopped earning profit less than two years ago. The casino was sold for $110 Million, which is a discount from the $2.4 Billion that this casino cost to build. This is unfortunately a part of the land based gambling industry in Atlantic City. There has been other casinos that have had to shut down their doors and file for bankruptcy due to lack of people going to their casinos.

Revel casino

This casino was purchased by Brookfield Asset Management. They owned two land based casinos before the purchasing of Revel Casino. The first casino they purchased was the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The second one was Atlantic Paradise Island Casino is Nassau, Bahamas. Revel Casino will now stand as the third land based casino that Brookfield Asset Management operates.

The $110 Million that Brookfield Asset Management spent on purchasing Revel Casino is considered to be an extreme bargain as they were well aware of the price it cost to build this casino. Revel Casino only operated for less than a year before it had to shut down their doors. This casino isn’t even three years old and is still in perfect condition. $110 Million for this casino is about as cheap as it could of come.

There is no word as to when Brookfield Asset Management plans on re-opening Revel Casino. You can expect the name of the casino to be changed, new attractions to come to the casino and new games. It could very well become the best land based casino in Atlantic City.

Sweet Party Jackpot Worth $755,206 Won

Playtech has had a successful week in terms of how many progressive jackpots have been won. Just earlier on last weekend a punter was able to win $184,284 while playing Diamond Valley. Today a lucky punter was able to more than triple that jackpot win when they won a $744,206 progressive jackpot on Sweet Party. This is the largest win to be recorded for this video slot, it is also the first progressive win to ever be recorded for this slot as well.

Sweet Party Jackpot

Sweet Party is a video slot meant for people who have a sweet tooth. When you first access this slot you will see that the background consists of cartoon like mountains while the reels and surrounding objects consist of various kinds of candy. The games logo is a lollipop while the reels consists of hard mint candies, gummy bears, and various other kinds of gummy like candy. It’s a video slot that truly makes you feel as if you are a child again, winning a massive amount of money like $755,206 only makes that experience that much better.

Anyone can be the next winning player for this slot’s progressive, all you must do is sign up with an online casino that caters the Playtech Platform. This won’t be hard to find as Playtech is one of the most popular developers known to the online gambling industry. Once you find a casino you will have to register, deposit money and find Sweet Party.

Net Entertainment Logo

Net Entertainment Live Dealer Games Added To EypoBet

There are a few key developers that operate within the online gambling industry. These developers month after month continue to prove that they have what it takes to provide an excellent gambling experience. Out of all of the key developers there is one developer that does it best and that developer is Net Entertainment. Their so popular that casinos all around the world pay the fees to offer the Net Entertainment platform on their casino. EypoBet is the latest casino to license out the Net Entertainment platform.

Net Entertainment Logo

EypoBet will now provide punters with the Net Entertainment live dealer casino platform, choosing to end their licensing agreement with Microgaming. This came as a shock to many as both of these developers are well known around the globe but fortunately for Net Entertainment they have the better live dealer gambling platform.

As a result of this new platform coming to EypoBet a series of new table games will be coming to the casino. Those new games include Net Entertainment developed Blackjack games, Automatic Roulette Games, Regular Roulette Games and plenty more. These games can be played through EypoBet’s web based casino or downloadable casino. Depending on what kind of game you are playing you will be able to be wagers that range from €1 – €75,000.

The EypoBet Manager Sebastien Battut commented on this announcement to journalists saying, “We are now offering both the Microgaming Systems and NetEnt Live Casino products and I have no doubt that the NetEnt Live Casino will become a hit among our players.”

usa map

Go To The U.S With Lucky Club Casino

Have you gone your entire summer without going on a well needed vacation? That might be able to change before the summer ends as Lucky Club Casino is offering players the chance to travel the United States of America for August and September. The first group of punters who win are already traveling the USA as of right now while the second group of punters who win this vacation will be sent out in the first week of September.

usa map

The tour of the beautiful nation will begin on September 8th in the Hollywood cultured state of California, players once they get there will be able to experience a Freeroll Tournament worth $500. The second place punters will go is Colorado, they’ll arrive there on the 15th, the third stop is Indiana which players will arrive at on the 22nd and the final location on your potential trip will be Virginia which you will arrive at on the 29th.

Lucky Club Casino is also offering a virtual road trip for the punters who didn’t win this impressive trip. Those punters will be able to gain a $200 Casino Bonus in order to have some free playing money while travelling along the virtual road trip.
Lucky Club Manager, Alex Hunter, is excited about this newest promotion for more reasons than one. Not only will it give players the chance to travel the U.S., but it will also aid in broadening their gaming palettes. According to Hunter, “This is a great chance to check out some games you might not have tried yet. Our games are from Nuworks and a lot of players aren’t familiar with them. Even our regulars tend to stick with their favorites. Now’s the time to try something new!”

Everybodys jackpot logo

Playtech $244,944 Progressive Jackpot Won

Playtech isn’t your normal online software developer of casino games and have a large following that has been earned through more than twenty years of online experience. Today, a fortunate player playing Playtech’s “Everybody’s Jackpot” was able to win $244,944. Though this isn’t the largest progressive to be won through this slot it is still a hefty amount of money to be won, it could allow for the winning punter to pay off their mortgage or purchase a brand new car.

Everybodys jackpot logo

The specifics on this jackpot win have yet to be publicised by Playtech or the specified casino where this jackpot was won. We do know that the jackpot was won win last Thursday around twelve o’clock in the afternoon. This jackpot win also is the second jackpot win in the last week and a half, this in return shows that Everybody’s Jackpot is still the popular slot everyone thinks it to be.

Everybody’s Jackpot works in an odd way. When you win the large progressive jackpot you only get to keep seventy percent of your win while the other thirty percent is dished out in a second progressive jackpot. This in return gives the other punters spinning the reels a chance to win the jackpot all over again. This proves to be a perfect system as it has allowed for triple the amount of punters to win progressive jackpots. All you must do is register an account with a casino that offers the Playtech platform and you could be the next Everybody’s Jackpot winner.

Murder Mystery logo

Murder Mystery Released By BGO

BGO, an online casino operator revealed today that a new video slot has been added to their repertoire of casino games that they offer. This new video slot has been called Murder Mystery and is developed by BGO’s proprietary software. This new slot feels an awful lot like Cluedo, a video slot created by International Gaming Technologies, though Murder Mystery boasts a new theme, better visuals and larger payout ratios.

Murder Mystery has been designed as a 5 reel, 40 payline slot. This BGO developed slot comes with a mass amount of game features which includes a bonus round called Murder Spins, there are free spins, win multipliers and wilds. Players can also choose as to when they want to activate the bonus round, this can allow for tactical gameplay which can result in you winning a large amount of money when the money you’ve deposited has nearly depleted to zero.

Murder Mystery logo

BGO also revealed that Murder Mystery will have a payout ratio of 96.5% which is a respectable number for any online slot in the market. The large payout ratios means you will have more of an opportunity to win money, you either nearly break even or win more then you expected.

Murder Mystery is currently available at BGO. You can only play this slot for real money as of right now, BGO hasn’t revealed if they plan to make this slot compatible with their free play games. Registering an account with BGO today will allow for you to experience Murder Mystery.

betfred logo

Australia BetFred Mobile Sportsbetting Application Now Live

BetFred is a gambling operator well known for their online and retail gambling services. The company mainly operates within the borders of the United Kingdom but during the last five years has moved their gambling services to different markets. The latest market to receive the BetFred gambling experience is Australia, with the company releasing their mobile sportsbetting application to Australian Punters. Those punters will be able to bet on a variety of sports which includes Hockey, American Football, European Football and Golf.

betfred logo

The Managing Director for BetFred Australia, Luke Brill made a statement relating to the BetFred Mobile Application being released in Australia. The statement read as follows, “We have been able to stand as one of the better gambling firms within the United Kingdom for a long period of time. Our competitors are always trying their best to release a gambling product that can outweigh anything we have to offer. Unfortunately are competitors continue to fail as we work around the clock creating new gambling experiences for our punters, upgrading our gambling platform and entering new gambling markets. This in return allows for us to grow as an operator.”

There are many of you who don’t realize that Betfred is truly one of the longest operators in the United Kingdom Online Gambling Market. During the course of their operations they’ve created innovative experiences and casino games that are beloved by punters all around the world. You can either experience card games, slots, table games, lottery games or their Sportsbetting platform.