Online Casino Beginners Guide

What is an online casino?

An online casino is a casino that you can gamble in on the Internet, e.g. 888 online casino. The online casino is a website that uses software like Microgaming that allows for a player to make various wagers on a variety of games from slots to playing poker. An online casino is similar to a live casino like one would find in Las Vegas; only the online casino is a virtual casino and is played on the Internet.

What is online gambling?

After the player has funded an online casino account the player makes a gaming choice and a wager is made on the game. The result of the game will determine if the wager was a winner or a loser. As with all gambling the outcome of the wager is not known before hand. The player takes a risk and the result of the bet determines if it wins or loses.

What is online Poker?

Online poker is played at an online poker casino on the Internet. The poker game is played the same as if it were a live game. The rules are the same as are the skills to be a poker winner. This form of gaming is almost as popular as slot play is online.

What is online Bingo?

Online Bingo is played at a Bingo casino on the Internet. Once a player opens an account and funds it, the player can select a Bingo game and play it the same as if it were a live game. The game is played with a random number generator instead of a machine with numbered balls. These online Bingo parlors are very popular and many of them have an extremely loyal following.

Where are online casinos located?

Online casinos are physically located in various countries and are licensed where their computer servers are maintained. The countries allowing online casinos are Gibraltar, Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda, Curacao, Malta, The Isle of Man and a small Indian reservation in Canada called Kahnawake. Their virtual location is the Internet.

How can I play in an online casino?

The first step to playing for real money at an online casino is to open an account and deposit funds in the account. The second step is to select the game you wish to wager on. Once these two steps are taken a player can play the games that are offered by the online casino.

How do I make cash deposits at an online casino?

Most players make their deposits using credit cards or a service like Neteller. The player can also wire money, send it by Western Union and even use a pre-paid phone card in some online casinos. In England a player can make a deposit for some casinos at their live business operation, which is usually a sportsbook. The cashier section of any online casino will have a list of casino deposit methods.

Are online casinos fair?

Slots played online are fairer than live casinos as the overhead to run the casino is much lower and therefore the online casino can have a higher percentage payback from the slot games. The other games that are offered are about the same as any live casino. Some online casinos are now charging a lower commission on their baccarat games for winning bank hands. When comparing online casinos check their payback schedule to see which offers the best percentages.

What should you do if you encounter problems with an online casino?

Reputable casinos like those found on Jackpot Avenue settle problems quickly and fairly via their customer support. The quality casinos on the Internet also resolve problems in an expeditious manner via phone or Live Chat. There are exceptions, so if you need further assistance with a problem contact their licensing authority to see if they can help in resolving the problem. In most cases this will not be necessary as online casinos are very concerned about bad player reviews that can be found on the Internet. These reviews are also a good way to find a solid online casino. The first step is to contact player support to get the problem resolved. If all else fails contact

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