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Australia, the country down under, is the home of a very good online casino called Ausvegas. Ausvegas is a sister site to Lasseters Casino. This website is a full-scale casino with slots, table games and other common casino games. The website tries to capture the feel of Las Vegas and does do it by its flashy design and graphics. The features offered to the online players are similar to what you would see in a Vegas casino. The slots are flashy and the table games are the same, as you would see in a live casino.

Since Ausvegas is an Australian company the Australian government regulates the casino.

Ausvegas slots
Ausvegas offers a wide variety of slot games from traditional to multiline games. The website has three pages of slot games and many are listed under the new games section. Slots are always popular online as well as in live casinos due to the fact that the player does not need to know the game to play well. If you are lucky you win.

Slots are a very easy gaming device to put on a website and once developed can be configured in many graphic forms. The algorithm that runs the random number generator can be replicated over and over for new machines. By changing the graphics to a new visual presentation, the site can offer new slots on a routine basis. The inner workings that are computer controlled can be changed to point at or change the graphics the customer sees. Voila, a new slot program for the visitors to the site. This makes the new games easily available to the website.

Table games
Blackjack, roulette and baccarat are set at Ausvegas online casino. The level of limits is in a range that most players will find acceptable. The roulette table is configured with single zero in the European fashion. The Blackjack game can be played a single hand at a time or multihanded. Baccarat is played just as it is in both live games and online at other casinos.

The bet range in all of these table games is open enough to accommodate most players. Blackjack does have a special bet on Pairs.

Blackjack has a minimum bet of $1 and the maximum bet of $1000, which is controlled by, whether you are playing the single-handed or multihanded games.

Roulette has a minimum of one cent to $500 depending on which table you are playing on.

Baccarat has a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $1000.

Tips of the table games
When you get a rush on a table game, push the rush to maximize the win. When the rush is over reduce the bet until the luck turns positive again. The rule is bet the rush and cut the bet when losing.

When playing Blackjack, let the dealer bust. Do not hit breaking hands when the dealer is showing a break card. When you get ten or eleven total, double down on your bet.

Video Poker
Ausvegas video poker comes in three versions. The first version is deuces wild. The second version is Jacks or better. The last version is Joker Poker. The top prize on all of these poker games is $6000 to $15000. The minimum bet is 25 cents and the maximum bet is $30.

The Ausvegas keno game is played on a card with 75 numbers and with a maximum ten number pick. The top prize on this game is $75000. The minimum bet is $1 and the maximum bet is $15.

SicBo is a game, which is referred to as Dice in a Bowl. This traditional Chinese game is fairly simple. Three dice are placed in a container with a cover and shaken. The dice are then revealed and the player wins if the numbers that come face up are the ones that the player bet on. The minimum bet is $1 and the maximum bet is $50.

Customer support
Customer support is prompt and handled by live chat or via e-mail. Support is available 24/7 from Ausvegas. Customer questions on anything to do with the site are handled via these methods. Bonuses on deposits are handled by e-mail after the bonus has been earned. The current bonus amount can be found on the website.

The customer reviews on Ausvegas indicate that the site is well run and the problems that were experienced were quickly resolved. Playing on the site was also rated to be solid and fun to do.

Deposit and withdrawals
Most of the common methods for depositing money to an online gaming site are available and the same is true for withdrawals. Like many online sites they no longer accept USA players. The one area that must be correct is your personal information when it comes to withdrawals.

Ausvegas is a solid online gaming site with a representative number of slots and table games. The SicBo game while not common to other online sites, offers an interesting change for the gaming customer. The slots are flashy and the table games are standard and well laid out for ease of play.

The banking with this site is similar to other well run online casinos with extra care taken on withdrawals. Like many online casinos these days they are not accepting USA players.

Since this is one of Lasseters websites and is regulated by the Australian government, the customer can play here with confidence and not worry about their money that is placed on deposit.

Ausvegas does not at this time offer poker or some of the other table games that are found on some online sites. If you do like what they currently offer, there is no safer place to play on the web.

The website is visually pleasing and easy to play on for a lengthy stay. As they continue to grow it is likely they will further increase their selection of games offered to their players. Take a look and give it a try. In the long run the site must meet your needs and not those of another player

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